CEREC Software 4.6: Five clicks to a restoration in just one visit

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CEREC Software 4.6: Five clicks to a restoration in just one visit
Thursday, June 7, 2018Description :

Dentsply Sirona now presents the new CEREC Software 4.6 that takes CAD/CAM technology in the practice to a new level of quality: It features well-structured workflows that make many tasks automatic and faster. The 5-click concept enables users to produce restorations more easily, safely and quickly than ever before. For dentists, this means they save time with even more comfortable handling.

CEREC has evolved from a technology that was once used mostly by ?techies’ to a vehicle suitable for use in daily routine, and the CEREC Software 4.6 fulfills this promise more than ever before. The formula for its success ? systematic automation of manual processes plus reduction of calculation times. The CEREC SW 4.6 reduces the process of creating a restoration to just one click per step: administration, acquisition, model, design, and manufacture. This means that with just five clicks, you can produce a crown, for example, that meets the highest standards. The software focuses on the restorations that can be produced in just one session in the daily practice routine.

"With this software, we systematically simplify processes in the practice," explains Dr. Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona. "Dentists generally do not want to deal with technical issues; they want to give their patients optimal treatment. The CEREC system with the new software helps them do this in much less time."

Specific improvements for an optimal user experience
The CEREC software has been simplified once again to be even more intuitive, ensuring a fast yet precise workflow. The preparation margin is now automatically marked in a precise scanning process, but can be modified manually at any time. This, in addition to functional adjustments within the software and a changed biogeneric algorithm with improved consideration of the minimum material thickness, leads to initial proposals requiring minimal-to-no modifications. For easier use, the model axis is also set automatically ? for the first time using artificial intelligence. To further improve the esthetic result for bridge designs, the anatomical connections between the elements can be adapted individually.

The approximately 20 percent reduction in the time needed for creating the margin and modification of the design is a decisive added value: All processes run very quickly, sometimes in the background, and require less user interaction. The automation and speed also reduce sources of errors, thus allowing predictable results of the highest quality.

Full flexibility with CEREC
The CEREC SW 4.6 also gives dentists more flexibility by allowing them to produce the restoration in-house. This can be done easily with only five clicks in the software. Dentists who choose to work with a dental technician now have three options. The scan or the model data can be uploaded in the Sirona Connect portal for production in the lab, a function that is now integrated directly into the CEREC software. Or the scan data can be sent in the universal STL format to the lab of choice. In addition, there is a third option for sending the design and production of more complex restorations to a dental technician using the new wireless connection of CEREC SW and inLab. The DXD format can be used to quickly transfer scan and design data between CEREC, Sirona Connect, and inLab. All of this also applies to conventional restorations as well as to abutments in implantology.

The CEREC SW 4.6 in combination with the CEREC Omnicam thus facilitates the easier, safer, and faster entry into CAD/CAM technology ? for production in the practice or lab. The data from the CEREC SW can be imported to the lab easily and reliably. The standardized workflow optimized for the material used ensures the quality of the outcome.

"It is important for us to make the many possibilities of CEREC easily available to users," stresses Völcker. "This system allows the uncomplicated entry into the CAD/CAM workflow with the certainty of developing further in every direction, for example in implant treatment or orthodontics."

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