Class II restoration with G-ænial A’CHORD (with steps) by Radoslav Asparuhov

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Thursday, October 8, 2020Description :
Simple Class II composite restoration with G-ænial A’CHORD, G-Premio BOND and G-ænial Universal Flo X In this video Dr. Asparuhov from Bulgaria shows a clear and fast step by step procedure for a class II composite restoration using GC materials. He starts with placing a rubber dam and a matrix to achieve proper isolation. Then he proceeds with selective etching and applies the universal bonding agent G-Premio BOND. Following manufacturer’s instructions, he blows hard and light cures for 10 seconds. Then he builds the proximal wall with G-ænial Flo X, A2. After covering the floor again using G-ænial Flo X, he proceeds with the cusp by cusp technique to build the anatomy with G-ænial A’CHORD in A2 with an instrument. G-aenial A’CHORD is easy to handle with an instrument or a brush because of its non-sticky consistency. The A2 shade, which also covers B3, C2, C3 and D4 blends well with the neighboring teeth. Thus polishing can be quickly performed and case can be closed. G-ænial A’CHORD: G-Premio Bond: G-aenial Flo X:

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