Yoshan Deep Core Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd. is a professional dental device manufacturer in South China. We have more than 6000 square meters of factory buildings and a superior technical team with more than 12 years of experience in the dental unit engineering industry, the development of many new high-value market products and provide customers with good technical support. Our production capacity reaches more than 600 units per month.

There are more than 16 models (including the type and type of suspension mounted on top) dental units, ranging from basic up models and meeting different market demand. All these products are reliable and stable, and have obtained the ISO and the CE certificate authorized by TUV from Germany. You could surely find the right models suited to your market.

We have a professional sales team understanding the customer's need, maintaining good communication between customers and the production department, and trying to provide excellent products and services. In addition, our experienced shipping service could handle the shipment directly to customers, arrange transportation from our factory to your destination port.

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