COVID-19 & Dentistry: Leveraging the Henry Schein Practice Analysis for a Stronger Comeback

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020Description :
A Henry Schein Practice Analysis can help practices leverage downtime during the pandemic and recovery period to gain a clear understanding of their practice performance and uncover opportunities to recover lost production, improve patient experience and boost income when it’s time to re-open. Join Dr. Bobbi Stanley, dentist and owner of Stanley Dentistry and educator and owner of Stanley Institute, for an in-depth discussion about the Henry Schein Practice Analysis and how she leverages this tool every year assess her practice’s performance and opportunities with regard to the big five indicators of a practice’s ability to thrive: 1. Fee schedule -- see how your practice stacks up to national and area averages 2. Coding opportunities -- can your coding practices be adjusted to claim additional reimbursements? 3. Procedure mix -- should you consider adding new procedures that your patients may be looking for from their GP? 4. Hygiene recall -- are you missing income because you don’t have enough availability for hygiene appointments? 5. Insurance network -- how can you adjust the insurance programs that you accept to boost your income? The Henry Schein Practice Analysis is a tool that delivers a custom report based on your practice’s performance, your local peers, and national averages -- and provides a snapshot of your current status as well as proven strategies to improve that are specific to your practice. Join this webinar to learn more. For more COVID-19 resources: Rely on Us. Learn more at Subscribe to our channel at Connect with us on: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn –

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