COVID-19 & Dentistry: My Office is Closed. Now What? A Guide for Dentists & Team Members

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Friday, April 17, 2020Description :
Join Dr. Gary Severance with Henry Schein for the latest update on how COVID-19 is affecting dentistry. In this episode, Dr. Severance will be joined by Dr. Bobbi Stanley, dentist and owner of Stanley Dentistry and educator and owner of Stanley Institute, who will share how she has transformed her practice to navigate practicing dentistry in the age of COVID-19. In this webinar, she will discuss the many questions that dentists are now facing and how she is addressing them in her own practice, including: -Can I make revenue while I am closed? -How should I handle emergencies? -When should I start scheduling patients again? -What should my team members be doing (even if they are laid off)? -What is happening with my marketing while we are closed? -Should I have someone answering my phones? -What can I do during this time to improve skill level and procedure efficiencies? -How can I assure that my office will be 100% functional when I reopen on day one? For more COVID-19 resources: Rely on Us. Learn more at Subscribe to our channel at Connect with us on: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn –

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