Geosoft Dent is a leading company in the field of Endo technology, and a leading manufacturer of Endo Motors, Devices for hot filling of root canals, electronic Apex locators and others (Ultrasonic Baths, Dental Photoactivators, Dry Sterilizers).

Geosoft Dent began its activities in the development, design and marketing of workplace solutions for dentists primarily responsible for Endo procedures.

Determining the length of the canal (Apex locating), root canal cleaning (preparation), filling the root canals (filling) are the most important steps in tooth treatment. At this stage, Geosoft Dent directed its dynamic energies for the development of an innovative endo motors, apex locator, hot root canal shutter devices based on the cutting edge of modern. A focus has been on design and user-friendly interface, miniaturization and technology that when creating a synergy of devices that every dentist can work with and rely on absolutely.

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