Direct restoration using everX Flow and Essentia U by Rudolf Novotny

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Friday, April 3, 2020Description :
To learn more about the dental restoratives from GC used in this video, check the respective links: everX Flow: Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentine replacement: Essentia Universal: Light-cured radiopaque universal composite restorative: G-ænial Universal Injectable: High-strength restorative composite: G-Premio BOND: One-component light-cured universal adhesive: Dr. Novotny is showing in this video how he restores a large posterior cavity making use of a fibre-reinforced flowable material for extra strength and durability. A vital first upper molar had a large mesio-occlusal cavity. After placement of rubber dam and a sectional matrix system, the enamel was selectively etched. The universal adhesive G-Premio BOND was applied in accordance with the instructions. The bottom of the mesial cavity as well as the rest of the cavity bottom was sealed with a high-strength injectable composite G-ænial Universal Injectable and separately light-cured. Thereafter, the approximal wall was completed with Essentia Universal in its conventional, paste-like consistency. For extra strength, the core of the restoration was made of everX Flow in the Dentin shade. Due to the fibres, the fracture toughness of the material is considerably higher than that of a normal dental composite. The material keeps its shape after application, but when some stress is applied, it becomes more fluid and will adapt nicely to the cavity. Next, the restoration is completed with the universal composite Essentia Universal. Its universal shade has unique blending capacities to match its surroundings. The cusps were built up one by one and shaped with composite brushes (in this case, GC Gradia Round Brush N°1). The fissures were tinted with a mixture of Essentia red, brown and black Modifiers. After some time of clinical functioning, the restored tooth still looks very natural with the inconspicuous restoration.

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