The company started under modest conditions - two rented workshops and an office. His advantage, however, was the six founders, who all had great experience in the development and production of medical equipment. The name of the company is derived from their main product, ecological compressors, abbreviated - EKOM. "Our compressors are unique because of their oil-free construction.Thank you with an appropriate combination of materials they operate without lubricating oil, which is why the air they produce is clean and free of oil vapors and odors" explains the engineer Vladimír Bátora explaining the uniqueness of their product.

In 1992, EKOM produces its first compressor. Today, they are nearly 14,000 compressors produced each year at about 170,000 already in operation around the world. Currently, a team of 190 employees is working on their development and production. The EKOM Company has thus become a major employer in the region. "Our activities are guided by two priorities: the first is a stable foundation for our employees and their families, and the second is to make products that do not harm the environment with harmful by-product waste, but on the contrary, their functional properties contribute to its protection, "says Bátora again describing the operation of the company.

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