- 2002 Creation of elexxion GmbH
- 2003 Establishment of production structures and Development- of the society-own
- 2004 Completion of the first successes of deco and soft tissue laser diode elexxion clarifiers
- 2004 Beginning of the development of hard tissue and combination of laser elexxion
- 2005 Go to the "Dental Academy" with the first transparent production at Radolfzell
- 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 by Ernst & Young
- 2006 Launch of the Stock Exchange, listed in Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange
- 2007 Start of the development of a PTT active ingredient "paro verte"
- 2008 elexxion minimally misses turnover target? 3,000,000
- 2008 Mr. Klarenaar leaves the company and P. Liljenqvist becomes the new Chief Executive Officer
- 2010 Development of the small laser pico claros

Renewal of the mandate of Mr. Klarenaar 2013 CEO
-2013 Development of the pico laser lite for the activation of paro green
-2013 Starting point for the PTT active ingredient study at the University of Bonn
-2013 Launch on the market of green paro

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