Essentia Universal, GC's light cured composite - One shade, fits all

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019Description : One shade fits all! Because dentists want to work as efficiently as possible to provide the best kind of care in a cost-effective way, GC developed three composites in a universal shade. Essentia Universal, Essentia HiFlo and Essentia LoFlo are all available in this same Universal shade. In this video, you can see how the colour blends in perfectly after light-curing – from the whitest to the darkest shades on the shade guide. Together, they offer a full solution for your everyday dentistry, without having to make compromises. Moreover, the time taken for shade selection can be saved and the inventory of the practice can be reduced. The great blending effect of the universal composite shade will make it match the natural tooth tissues in almost all your cases! Choose between a paste, an injectable and a very flowable viscosity, depending on what is most useful for each of your cases. From occlusal to cervical restorations, all versions of the Universal shade have the high strength necessary for either Class I, II, III, IV or V: the physical properties of all three of them are sufficient to restore an entire tooth cavity. Essentia Universal is packable and great to create tight contact points. Essentia LoFlo is thixothropic, meaning that it maintains its shape but flows easily when it’s being manipulated. The Essentia HiFlo offers the highest wettability, so it’s ideal for narrow and/or irregular cavities.

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