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Thursday, August 1, 2019Description :
Essentia Universal is a light-cured universal composite from GC that exists in just one shade, for absolute simplicity. It exhibits an excellent chameleon effect and seamlessly blends with the surrounding natural tooth structure, regardless of the colour it has. This is demonstrated in this video on teeth with shade B1, A2 and C4: you can see that the Essentia Universal restoration is visually colour-matching the tooth in all three cases. Not having to select the right shade to match each patient’s teeth, it saves time in your everyday dentistry. Moreover, it is available in three different viscosities: Essentia Universal is a conventional paste composite, with a packable consistency. Essentia LoFlo is an injectable composite with low flowability and thixotropic properties that is wetting well but maintaining shape. Essentia HiFlo is the most fluid of all: a flowable composite with a high wettability, spreading out well. Together, these three viscosities form a full solution for posterior restorations: Due to a proprietary filler treatment and the use of ultra-fine particles, each of the three viscosities are sufficiently strong to fill up an entire cavity, regardless of the cavity class: one shade, but three strong options. As all viscosities are indicated for any cavity class, the dentist’s choice is purely based on which viscosity is most adapted to each case and the own preference. Essentia Universal is the ultimate simplification for all your posterior restorations! More information can also be found on the website of GC Europe:

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