Excellent long-term stability through contour augmentation with GBR by Prof. D. Buser

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Saturday, May 30, 2020Description :
The development of the contour augmentation protocol changed the world of implant dentistry. Professor Daniel Buser explains the impact of this protocol on the predictability and long-term outcomes of implant therapy. The main learning objectives are horizontal bone augmentation in 2-wall defects, the 2-layer composite graft technique, the importance of Bone Condition Medium (BCM), and stabilizing the augmented defects with a collagen membrane. More about bone augmentation: https://www.geistlich-pharma.com/en/dental/therapeutic-area/major-boneaugmentation/scientific-background/ More cases by Prof. Daniel Buser: https://www.geistlich-biobrief.com/en/k2s-list/k2s-detail/k2sitem/prof-daniel-buser-and-prof-urs-belser/

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