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https://www.gceurope.com/products/gaenialuniversalinjectable/- G-ænial® Universal Injectable from GC is a dental composite like you have never seen before. It can be used for all cavity classes and does not need to be covered. If you take a closer look at the values of flexural strength and wear rates, you see that it is stronger and wears less than some conventional modern composites such as e.g. Tetric EvoCeram and Filtek Supreme XTE (not trademarks of GC). We got feedback from dentists that they really like the handling properties. It’s very thixotropic, so it flows in small voids where it has to, but it does not slump, so you can actually create a very nice anatomy with this low-viscosity composite, which makes the whole procedure a lot faster. It can be shaped nicely with just a small probe. Other features that were highly appreciated by dentists were the high radiopacity and bendable tip. It can be used for the complete restoration of all cavity classes, straight from the syringe and no covering layer required! Its versatility can be seen in the many forms of application: from a cusp build-up technique to injection moulding and splinting teeth in combination with GC everStick fibres. Restorative dentistry has just become much easier – with G-ænial® Universal Injectable. It comes in a wide range of shades, in three levels of translucency for the most optimal aesthetic result. If you want to know more about this dental composite, please visit https://www.gceurope.com/products/gaenialuniversalinjectable/. Check also our clinical articles and videos!

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