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Thursday, July 18, 2019Description :
GC has a long-lasting tradition with glass ionomers, which are very biocompatible and user-friendly dental restoratives. The latest capsule activation technique for all GC capsules has become faster and easier. In the past, the capsule had to be activated in the capsule applier before mixing, to ensure that the powder could reach the liquid. This step is not necessary anymore; when you simply push the plunger firmly (do it for 2 seconds to ensure that it’s fully pressed), you can thereafter immediately mix the capsule in the mixing device. All capsules from the EQUIA and Fuji portfolio, as well as G-CEM and Miracle Mix are now activated with just one push. Encapsulated glass ionomers (GIC) and glass hybrids have some benefits to offer: 1) the powder/liquid (P/L) ratio is optimised to retrieve the best mechanical properties 2) the mixing is automated and free of air bubbles/porosities 3) they can be easily dispensed into a cavity with a capsule applier Studies have shown that the encapsulated glass ionomers, especially the ones with a high viscosity, show less porosities and better mechanical strength than their manually mixed counterparts, since all these steps are standardised with the most optimal ratios and settings. Lately, the role of GIC and the more recent glass hybrids, which evolved from glass ionomers, have gained attention within the popular concept of minimally invasive dentistry. More information about all our glass ionomers, glass hybrids and other GC products can be found on the website: www.gceurope.com.

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