How Solea, the All-Tissue Laser, Minimizes Aerosols, Splatter, Viruses & Bacteria, and PPE

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Wednesday, July 8, 2020Description :
Reducing aerosols, splatter, and the risk of virus and bacteria transmission between patients and the team are top priorities in the post-COVID environment. During this webinar, Dr. Scott Froum and Dr. Yooson Kim will discuss how Solea supports a safer practice by significantly reducing aerosols and by cutting hard and soft tissue at temperatures that destroy viruses and bacteria without physical contact. They’ll also discuss how anesthesia-free dentistry with Solea minimizes PPE expenses by allowing clinicians to perform multi-quadrant dentistry and to stay in the operatory until all treatment is delivered. Dr. Froum & Dr. Kim will share in detail their experience with Solea, and how it: • Significantly reduces aerosols • Decontaminates during hard and soft tissue cutting • Reduces PPE expense and enables time savings Rely on Us. Learn more at Subscribe to our channel at Connect with us on: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn –

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