How to characterise a hybrid ceramic CADCAM block, CERASMART270, using OPTIGLAZE color-Dr. Witkowski

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020Description : In this educative video, by Dr. Witkowski, are demonstrated several techniques to characterise your aesthetic crown made out of CERASMART270, the hybrid ceramic CAD/CAM block from GC. After scanning the preparation (), the crown is designed and milled with the dedicated software. MANUAL POLISHING: The material can be manually polished to a high gloss as shown in the video. STAINS: To add extra details, OPTIGLAZE color can be used. OPTIGLAZE color is a light-cure coating to stain and glaze hybrid ceramics, composites or acrylics. With its nanofiller technology, it has high wear resistance. The fissures are accentuated with a bur and the surface is gently sandblasted. The surface is silanated with a silane coupling agent; CERAMIC PRIMER II or G-Multi PRIMER from GC can be used for this purpose. OPTIGLAZE color A Plus is used here to accentuate the fissures and for an increased depth effect in the cervical area; OPTIGLAZE color White is used to create some highlights. OPTIGLAZE color Blue and Light Grey were applied onto the cusps for increased opalescence and translucency effects. COMPOSITE: stains can also be applied internally, and the crown can be further adapted, shaped and/or characterised with layers of composite, such as G-ænial or Essentia, creating endless possibilities. An adhesive, such as G-Premio BOND, is used before the application of the composite. A simple file can even help to shape the fissures very nicely. Of course you do not need to use all these steps to create beautiful restorations… But it shows the many possibilities you have with this fascinating material. Simple manual polishing for a pure, untarnished result or playing with stains and cut-back techniques for sophisticated details to match peculiar teeth – the choice is entirely yours!

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