How to use GRADIA CORE, a step by step

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020Description : In this educative video, you find out step by step how you can use GRADIA CORE from GC, a dual-cure resin composite for luting posts and core build-up, to create a strong foundation for the indirect restoration. Note that GRADIA CORE can be used either with the dedicated GRADIA CORE self-etching bond or with the universal adhesive G-Premio BOND. For the post placement, the canal should be prepared until the desired length, leaving at least 4 mm of gutta percha at the apex. In this case, GC FIBER POST is used; but GRADIA CORE can also be used with other posts, such as for example everStickPOST. When the post is tried in and cut to the desired length, it’s cleaned and left to dry. When the root canal is cleaned and dried and the post is silanated (e.g. with G-Multi PRIMER), the adhesive is applied into the root canal and onto the coronal tooth structure. In this case, G-Premio BOND (mixed with G-Premio BOND DCA for dual curing) is used. Dispense one drop of G-Premio BOND and one drop of G-Premio BOND DCA into the dispensing dish and mix thoroughly for 5 seconds using the micro-tip applicator. Remove any residual liquid around the nozzles and replace the bottle caps immediately after use. Apply the mixture on the prepared enamel and/or dentine surfaces. Leave for 10 seconds. Blot any excess material away with a paper point. Dry thoroughly for 10 seconds with oil-free air until the adhesive film no longer moves. Light cure the bonding agent using a visible light curing unit. To apply the composite properly into the root canal, a handy elongation tip (or endo tip) is attached to the mixing tip. When the post is seated and positioned, it is light-cured to fix the post in position. Then, the build-up of the core can continue by further dispensing GRADIA CORE around the post to form the rest of the core and each surface is light-cured. Then, the core can be prepared with the bur. GRADIA CORE combines excellent mechanical resistance and handling like no other. For convenience and performance - at every step.

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