Mask a Dark Tooth with this Simple 3-Step Process

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020Description :
Tetracycline-stained dentition and the single, nonvital tooth have always been notoriously challenging to treat. However, with Cosmedent’s specially formulated Pink Opaque, you have a trusty way to more effectively treat darkly stained dentition that results in a warmer, more natural color. With this 3-step process presented by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb, you should have no trouble masking a dark tooth in a composite restoration. After the tooth is prepared, etched, and bonding adhesive has been placed, you are ready to begin placing Pink Opaque. Step 1 Use a larger brush like Cosmedent’s #3 brush when opaquing over a broad area. Saturate or prewet the brush and then take a dry gauze to wipe off all the opaquer. The reason behind prewetting the brush is so that the tip of the brush can be more easily controlled when you begin applying the Pink Opaque. Step 2 Dip the brush tip back into the Pink Opaque and apply a thin layer over the dark tooth. Be careful not to apply too much or the tooth will look artificial. Gently move the Pink Opaque around with the brush while brushing out any noticeable bubbles. It is fine for some of the natural tooth color to shine through. Step 3 Light cure for 10 seconds. Repeat steps 1-3 until the dark areas of the tooth have been blocked out. It is recommended that you use Cosmedent’s #1 fine-tip brush to apply Pink Opaque to the tooth area near the gingival and interproximal. Don’t forget to prewet the brush first! Once the necessary amount of Pink Opaque has been applied to the tooth, proceed with the rest of the restoration. Products used:

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