ROEKO VacuSoft aspiration tip in operation, user video (EN)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2022Description :
================================= The utilization of the ROEKO VacuSoft aspiration tip in the patient's mouth and the advantages for patient, dental assistant and dentist are impressively demonstrated by dentist Dr. Sylvia Rahm. ? Product Information ??????????????? ROEKO VacuSoft VacuSoft is a 2 component universal aspirator tip used for large volume suction. Soft exchangeable Tips and an ergonomic Base provide comfort, flexibility and silence for aspiration. • Soft tips provide gentle contact with the oral mucosa • Low-noise aspiration without reflux • Flexible adjustment to the treatment situation VacuSoft tips are made of soft TPE plastic and are therefore particularly gentle in contact with the patient's oral mucosa, tongue and cheeks. The wide and flat cannula tip is ideally suited for keeping the patient's cheeks and tongue away and ensuring a clear view of the treatment field. Different degrees of hardness of the colour-coded tips provide flexibility in aspiration and allow for individual treatment situations, e.g. dementia patients, oncological patients and children. • sensitive comfort: Very soft tip for gentle suction for particularly (pressure-) sensitive patients • comfort: Soft tip for gentle suction in uncomplicated treatment cases • solid comfort: Stable tip for aspiration situations where more resistance is needed for retraction ?? About COLTENE COLTENE is an international developer, manufacturer and seller of dental consumables and small equipment in the areas of Infection Control, Dental Preservation, and Efficient Treatment. COLTENE has state-of-the-art production facilities in the US, Canada, Germany, France, and Switzerland as well as own sales organizations in all major markets including North America, Europe, Japan, China, India, and Latin America. The COLTENE Group has 1242 employees around the world (as of 31 December 2021). ? Social Media ??????????????? ?LinkedIn: ?Instagram: ?Facebook: ?Newsletter: ?Website: ?Twitter: ?Impressum: ?Privacy: ?Email: ??????????????????????

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