The company attaches great importance to the "Runyes brand" and the corporate image of advertising, to participate in three major annual exhibitions of the country: Beijing Dental Exhibition, Shanghai and Guangzhou South China Dental Oral Exhibition.

It will be a year of investment for these three shows at least 150 million. In addition, the company actively participates in trade shows abroad, such as Germany IDS, Brazil CIOSP exhibition, Singapore IDEM exhibition

Dubai AEEDC exhibition board, the market continues to expand sales channels. Active use of well-known business website, professional journals, English business brochure, which do not

With the media to carry out multi-angle, three-dimensional nature of propaganda. In terms of product quality, price and service as part of the hard work, and now the blue field of the oral health care equipment industry is already well-known products

Licenses, interpretation of a "small business how to quickly create their own international brands," success stories.

The company has 78 patents, including foreign patent 3, 2007, has been named 'business model patent. "The full implementation of ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management

System and ISO13485: 2003 international medical equipment system, and passed the appropriate quality system certification, the main products have been adopted by medical network CE CE certification.

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