Special Report: The State of Digital Dentures

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Wednesday, October 7, 2020Description :
Digitizing your denture production offers the promise of improved efficiency and accuracy -- but what is the state today of the technologies and materials that are used to fabricate digital dentures? How high-tech does a practice need to be to offer digital dentures? And what upfront and ongoing investments are required to support the production of digital dentures? Join Dr. Alan Jurim, Director of Digital Dentistry with Touro College of Dental Medicine, founder of CADPRO Academy, and practicing cosmetic dentist to address these questions and more, as well as a review of: • Both analog and digital tools that can be used to support the production of dentures digitally, whether you are using traditional impressioning or intraoral scanning, milling, 3D printing, fabricating in-house or working with a lab • A variety of workflows from milling the full denture in one piece, to 3D printing the base and teeth separately, or milling or printing the base and then adding traditional denture teeth • The current state of 3D printers & printing materials and mills & milling materials for both short-term (intended use of one year or less) and long-term (intended use of 5-7 years) dentures Rely on Us. Learn more at henryscheindental.com Subscribe to our channel at http://bit.ly/HSDsubscribe Connect with us on: Facebook – http://facebook.com/HenryScheinDental Instagram – http://instagram.com/hscheindental Twitter – http://twitter.com/HScheinDental LinkedIn – http://linkedin.com/showcase/henry-schein-dental

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