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SPEAK WITH GEEKS - Don't miss this Q&A with 3Shape experts. 00:00 - 3Shape Geeks introduction 03:10 - Making Smile Design case on several PC's 04:35 - Differences between in bite with or without adjustments 06:15 - Why it's still necessary to trim scans when working with AI mode? 07:20 - While scanning a multiple implants on edentulous arch is it any way to increase a depth of scanning, so it can capture completely scan body? 08:40 - Single implant scanning 10:17 - Any tips&tricks on scanning edentulous 12:15 - Why it's so difficult to scan a lower jaw for edentulous case? 13:35 - Why some areas disappear when scanning in zoom mode? 14:30 - What happens if I don't post process my scan? 15:57 - Questions regarding stl. and ply. files 19:00 - Questions about back up 22:10 - Is it a way to align pre-preparation scan in bite... 24:31 - Pool results 25:31 - Multiple TRIOS users within the dental clinic and communication with Lab 27:25 - Calibration with TRIOS 4 29:05 - What is the use of protective clean-up? 30:26 - Possibilities of using bite alignment 34:30 - Usage of not dedicated laptop for scanning with TRIOS 37:00 - Would it lower calculation speed on TRIOS 3 Cart if I open shade measurement again? 38:40 - How we can transfer the case to third-party? 40:30 - How you can scan the bite if it's no pre-molars or molars? 42:08 - Pool results 45:30 - Is it limit to number of images for 3D scan? 48:50 - Is it possible to export two or more small TRIOS cases at the same time and connectivity issues. 52:18 - Can I scan my implant crown temporary in the same case to copy emergence profile to send to the Lab for abatement app? 53:30 - Is it any tips&tricks on scanning metal or gold in the mouth? 55:30 - Can we use insane mode on TRIOS 2? 56:20 - Bite alignment - with or without adjustment? 58:00 - Possibilities with undercut areas and TRIOS scan 59:45 - Scanning multiple implants on edentulous case 01:01:41 - Single impression scan for edentulous cases 01:03:50 - Dental Desktop and other system updates 01:06:30 - What can go wrong if don't flip your tip over while scanning upper arch? 01:07:10 - Question about color calibration tip 01:09:20 - Exporting files from Dental Desktop 01:10:50 - TRIOS Cart connectivity issues 01:12:45 - Hardware and speed of TRIOS scanner 01:14: 50 - How to show margin line if you have a deep preparation? 01:17:21 - Can we scan internal part of the denture - what the recommendations? 01:18:30 - Patient Specific Motion 01:22:18 - Merging TRIOS systems 01:23:20 - Question about wireless connectivity Jan Paulics - 3Shape Senior Clinical Specialist, Academy Kristian Hansen - 3Shape Project Manager aka Software Overlord Dominic Elison - 3Shape IT integration Specialist aka Chief Hacker

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