The Startup Specialty Practice: What to Know Before You Break Ground

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Above and beyond the complexities of building a general dental practice, dental specialists -- periodontists, prosthodontists, endodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and pediatric dentists -- all have their own unique building requirements. Allowing space for required technologies, special setups, and the nuances of their specialty are all essential to the future success and growth of a practice. Join Dr. Mark Tholen, dentist and office design expert whose firm has designed over 3,000 dental offices, to discover the floor plan considerations in designing a specialty office that will yield an average 38% annual increase in productivity for several years in a row. Dr. Tholen will review the best design and build practices for each specialty, including: •Oral surgical offices require a physical plant with unique considerations such as: recovery areas, placement of larger equipment such as crash carts, medical gases storage and plumbing, auxiliary power requirements, sub waiting room, placement of separate surgical patient exits, efficient segregation of the surgical and non-surgical treatment areas •Pediatric and orthodontic offices also have specific design considerations which include: adequate parking, appropriately sized waiting rooms, sub waiting "game" rooms, placement and design of quiet ops, management of efficient patient (foot) traffic in the treatment area, office design themes, configuring the operatory or bay to minimize treatment time •Endodontic and periodontal offices have some highly unique issues such as: design of the operatory to accommodate operating microscopes and to optimize the efficiency of the treatment team, where to place the patient exit, storage of oversized equipment •Prosthodontic offices have special laboratory considerations: how many square feet should be allocated to the lab? where should the lab be placed in the office? should I consider a production lab and how should it be sized? how should the lab be designed for optimal efficiencies? For more COVID-19 resources: Rely on Us. Learn more at Subscribe to our channel at Connect with us on: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn –

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