TUTORIAL VITA VMK Master® with Master Dental Technician Jürgen Freitag

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Saturday, June 6, 2020Description :
THIS IS WHY EXPERTS SWEAR BY VITA VMK Master®. VITA VMK MASTER is a feldspar veneering ceramic for metal frameworks in the conventional CTE range made of non-precious metal alloys, palladium-based alloys or alloys with a high or reduced gold content. Ceramic experts, such as Jürgen Freitag (Master Dental Technician), particularly value the versatility and high esthetic potential of VITA VMK Master. The material offers unsurpassed processing characteristics, such as minimized shrinkage, which enables the fabrication of veneers in a single firing process, as well as excellent modelling properties for fast and targeted application of the ceramic. (June 5th, 2020 – VITA Social Media Activities.)

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