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Tuesday, February 16, 2021Description :
VITA Calendar 2021 VITA AMBRIA® – Divesting without surprises Expert Talk: Samir Berisali? talks to Michael Tholey about his statement in the VITA Calendar 2021 Statement by Samir Berisali? I find the devesting of the press ceramic VITA AMBRIA surprisingly easy. In my experience, if the temperature of the press furnace is ideally matched to the material, there is practically no reaction layer. The material is absolutely stable: From the outside, I can effectively and safely blast with a grain size of 110 µm at 1 to 2 bar, and from the inside with 50 µm at 1.5 bar. #vitazahnfabrik? #vitaAmbria? #vitaperfectmatch? #dentalpassion

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