With CEREC Guide 2, perform implants safely, quickly and reliably

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With CEREC Guide 2, perform implants safely, quickly and reliably
Tuesday, March 10, 2015Description :

Simple and quickly made in-house - that is CEREC Guide 2. This template, from the new CEREC SW 4.4, is based on an optical impression and a 3D X-ray image and can be produced extremely quickly and cost effectively in practice. This facilitates the workflow of an implantation.

CEREC Guide 2, the surgical template for guided surgery, is an important development within the CEREC software. On the basis of digital impressions from the CEREC Bluecam or CEREC Omnicam, templates can be constructed for use with the CEREC CAD/CAM system.

CEREC Guide 2 enables the dentist to make single-tooth implants with a template. Quite simply, it is extremely inexpensive and takes less than one hour to be finished in-house. Thus, CEREC is the fastest and most cost-effective way to manufacture a drilling template. CEREC users, who generally have the CEREC MC XL Premium Package or the CEREC MC X, can take better advantage of their equipment. The dentist also has more flexibility in the use of time and retains the value that is created within his practice.

CEREC Guide 2 complements the standard workflow of implant planning. Soft tissue information and the planned prosthetic are presented as a digital data set by CEREC. This is combined with a 3D X-ray image from Sirona DVT devices in a single data record. The implant is then followed in Galileos Implant, the implant planning software for Sirona DVT. The result of this planning is now sent back to CEREC. The design of the template can be adapted to the individual needs and then milled on a CEREC or inLab milling unit from the CEREC Guide Bloc from PMMA. In this way virtual planning becomes reality. It would hard to be more convenient - the creation of a model or a radiographic template with reference bodies is unnecessary.

Security by predictably high quality
Studies have shown that the chief argument for guided surgery is greater security and improved precision over free-hand drilling. CEREC Guide 2 makes sure that expenditure and costs for patient and user remain predictable.

If the dentist wishes to complete the drilling template in a laboratory, this can be done with the inLab MC XL or with the inLab MC X5, Sirona’s new milling and sanding machine.

CEREC Guide 2 is expected to be available in the summer of 2015 and can be installed in the CEREC SW 4.4, Premium CEREC SW 4.4 and inLab SW 15.0.

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